FlahertySmile111.JPGAbout Patrick J. Flaherty

Patrick J. Flaherty was born and raised in Oregon. He received his undergraduate degree and later his law degree from the University of Oregon. Before being elected in 2010 as the District Attorney for Deschutes County he practiced in Lincoln County D.A.'s office, Deschutes County D.A.'s office and in private practice in Bend. He has devoted himself to criminal justice for over 25 years.

Patrick J. Flaherty is a highly-respected trial attorney. He has successfully prosecuted two "no body" murder cases, in addition to many other complex and serious crimes. Since taking office in 2011, he has focused on the professional development of the office as a whole. District Attorney Patrick J. Flaherty has implemented professional development for the District Attorney support staff; increased outreach to law enforcement; has created in-house IT staff to bring the office in compliance with legal and ethical requirements while also improving the professional technology used in court. He is dedicated to continuing to find ways to improve office efficiency while balancing the needs of the community and seeking justice. District Attorney Patrick J. Flaherty emphasizes the rights of victims of crimes and includes a Victim Assistance Program in his office. He has increased victim outreach and notification with use of the new data management system, Justware.

Patrick J. Flaherty is a strong advocate for specialty courts such as Deschutes County's Family Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Domestic Violence Program. He has called for the creation of a Veterans Court program to better serve our nation's veterans. In 2013 he launched the Veterans Intervention Strategy to appropriately address the combat related conditions of veterans who are reintegrating into their Central Oregon communities and will continue to work with local and national organizations to fund and develop a Veterans Court.

Patrick J. Flaherty and the office of the District Attorney are guided by their Mission Statement:

The primary responsibility of the District Attorney is to seek justice, which can only be achieved through the representation and presentation of the truth. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the guilty are held accountable, that the innocent are protected from unwarranted harm, and that the rights of all citizens, particularly victims of crime, are respected.